I'm an communication-based HCI researcher and an incoming Ph.D student in information at the University of Michigan. My research passion resides at the intersection of communication and human-computer interaction (HCI), computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and human-robot interaction (HRI). Delving into these domains, my research aims to deeply understand how technology can be applied in complex social settings, assessing its impact on real-life social dynamics. My overarching goal is to establish effective and intuitive interactions between humans and technology, unveiling innovative ways in which technology can enrich human lives by influencing the formation, maintenance, and development of human-to-human relationships in social settings.
Prior to my PhD, I received a M.A in Communication at Seoul National University (advisors: Prof. Joonhwan Lee and Hajin Lim). I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email below. Thank you for taking the time to visit!
Ph.D. in Information, University of Michigan (2024 - )
M.A. in Communication, Seoul National University (2023)
B.A. in Communication Arts & Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021)
Our CHI paper received Best Paper Honorable Mention Award🏅 (April 25, 2024)
Two papers accepted on CHI 2024 (Jan 19, 2024)
Our two papers ‘I feel being there, they feel being together‘ and ‘RESMO‘ have been accepted to CHI 2024.
Two papers accepted on DIS 2023 (April 28, 2023)
Our two papers ‘The Power of Close Others‘ and ‘DiVRsity‘ have been accepted to DIS 2023.
Attending DIS 2024 conference
I’ll attend the DIS conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in person from July 1 to 5.
Attending CHI 2024 conference
I’ll attend the CHI conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in person from May 11 to 16.
Attending Scalable HCI Symposium
I’ll attend the Scalable HCI Symposium in Shenzhen, China from Jan 7 to 11.
Attending DIS 2023 conference
I’ll attend the DIS conference at Pittsburg, USA in person from July 9 to 14.
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