Exploring Mobile Shopping Experiences of Older Adults
Working with Ha Yeon Lee, Kyuha Jung, Esther Hehsun Kim, Yoobin Park, Yujin Hong, Sungmin Park, Yoojung Kim, Hajin Lim, and Joonhwan Lee, we carried out in-depth interviews, co-design activities (including card-sorting and prototyping workshops), and think-aloud sessions to understand the mobile shopping experiences of older adults. Furthermore, we conducted qualitative analysis of the gathered insights, identified challenges, and created user personas, journey maps, and design guidelines.      
HCIK 2023
My responsibility: Ideation to Data Analysis and Write Paper
#UX research #UI ideation #older adults #mobile shopping
This project was a collaboration with and received funding from Naver Corp.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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