Prediction of Lipid Profile and Risk Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease Using Machine Learning Techniques
Working with Seora Park, Esther Hehsun Kim, Yujin Hong, Soyun Jeon, Sunyoung Park, and Joonhwan Lee, we designed and developed mobile health apps with the capability to predict the risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases based on personal health data. Furthermore, we explored dyadic message framing, encompassing both positive and negative messaging strategies, to communicate the risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive lab experiment, incorporating pre and post surveys along with interview sessions, to gain insights into users’ perceptions of message effects
My responsibility: Study Design, Message Framing, UI Design, and Data Analysis
#research #healthcare #mobile application #medical
This work was a collaboration with SNU Medical and and funded by Youlchon Foundation.

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